Empty threats

We all have our own bugbears about the things our opponents do.

What really annoys me is an opponent who threatens to do a certain thing (eg prepare a formal bill, issue Part 8 proceedings, make an application for relief from sanctions, set a matter down for assessment, etc) if they have not heard from me (eg making an improved offer, consenting to relief being granted, etc) by a certain date. The threat is often reinforced with the statement that this step will be taken “without further notice” in the absence of a response. The deadline passes. I then receive a chase-up.

Feel free to threaten to take a certain step by a certain date in the absence of a particular response. If you have had no response, you can take it as read that I am happy for you to proceed as threatened. What annoys me is threatening to take the step and then simply sending a chase-up.

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