Successful costs budgeting

Costs Judge Master Haworth’s prediction on costs budgeting, as reported in Litigation Funding, if done properly:

“detailed assessment will become redundant, and I will be able to spend my time fishing”

5 thoughts on “Successful costs budgeting

  1. What about pre issue costs? Are those going to be simply agreed by Defendants? Particularly where judges record comments about costs already incurred.

    What about cases which were not issued? Will Defendants be simply writing cheques for the total of the bill?

    I wouldn’t have thought so

  2. well I have just come from a seminar run by a well known Regional Costs Judge who said the exact opposite!! no surprise there then!!!

  3. Perhaps he’d like to have a word with Mr Justice Coulson…….

    Can’t see Mystic Meg having a run for her money anytime soon!!

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