4 thoughts on “Increase in PI small claims limit to £5,000?

  1. Of course what is actually being consulted on is:-

    Whether whiplash Rtas limit to be increased to £5000;
    All Rtas limit to be increased to £5000;
    No change

    Therefore no change to other pi work.

    As well as the independent medical expert.

    My guess is that whiplash only will be increase together wtith a revised fcrs matrix once the consultation closes.

  2. “Therefore no change to other pi work”

    shame the other PI work is a minority of the market

  3. A pedant writes: decimate means to reduce by one in ten. I think it will be rather worse than that!

  4. How can it be ‘fair’ that a claimant injured at work will be treated differently to one injured in an RTA if both claims are worth roughly £3-5k?

    It does, to me at least seem wide open for numerous challanges, discuss…..

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