Twittering costs law summaries

I’ve been using Twitter for some time now. I’m not yet 100% convinced that this is the future, particularly for promoting law firms to the wider public. And who are those APIL tweets congratulating such-and-such for becoming an APIL senior litigator aimed at?

However, it can be a useful way of providing quick links to useful bits of information elsewhere on the internet and getting the latest updates from others in the know.

I’m going to start testing this to the limit and see if it is possible to summarise interesting costs law decisions in 140 characters or less (including link).

I’m just glad I didn’t try to do this with the Court of Appeal judgment in Motto v Trafigura [2011] EWCA Civ 1150. (Any suggestions?)

You can follow my future attempts here:!/GWS_LAW

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