Costs lawyer’s 100% success rate

Just received email from costs drafting recruitment agency for costs lawyer who “has successfully maintained a record of achieving 100% success in court cases over a 16 year period”.

Is this something to shout about?


5 thoughts on “Costs lawyer’s 100% success rate

  1. Maybe he’s quite good. Or maybe he settles some cases that perhaps he should have proceeded with – only taking dead certain ones to court.

    Or maybe the recruitment agency made a typo.

  2. If you are a claimant costs draftsman who practices in London this would not surprise me.

  3. Easy

    1.Never fight any case to court

    2. Always settle at an undervalue

    3. 100% success rate over 16 years

    If I was recruiting and wasfaced with that CV I would send the” Dear Sir I regret to inform you etc etc” letter.

    Clearly not fighting his client’s cases so as to maximise costs ecovery on time expended

    Very bad for business I would say

  4. Depends on what you mean by 100% success in court.

    I can quite categorically state that I have 100% success rate in both achieving costs of an action for my receiving party clients and 100% success rate in obtaining a reduction in costs of an action for by paying party clients.

    Then again most costs draftsmen can claim the same, unless you are one of the unlucky ones, who suffered a CFA wipeout (though you could argue that you where successful in obtaining the disbursements) or had the DJ from hell who would not even take a couple letters off the costs sought.

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