4 thoughts on “Sexiest costs lawyers

  1. Simon, its about time you put a subject matter up that is wholly relevant to me. I am the sexiest Costs Draftsmen in the u.k, bar none, no I don’t have a “fashion beard” , I am not riddled with pointless and meaningless tattoo’s strategically positioned to be seen by all, no I don’t have a comb over or a quiff that is so big that I need hairspray in the morning and no Simon unfortunately I don’t have a six pack, so why am I sexy? 1) Because I am an oracle of knowledge and 2) because one of the lawyers in that list told me so ;-)

  2. I knew this cute draftswoman once
    Massive big bills….
    lovely long narratives….
    cute tight figures….
    just a shame her performance on Oral Hearings was such a let down….

    (apologies to all the draftsmen out there now reaching for their heart pills…..)

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