Fellow of the Association of Costs Lawyers

I’ve just received Replies that seek to justify the time spent by the fee earner who prepared the Bill of Costs on the basis that they are a “Fellow of the Association of Costs Lawyers”. Since when did we start having those?

6 thoughts on “Fellow of the Association of Costs Lawyers

  1. clearly cut and paste from old

    However, also somewhat odd. The attack is a time attack. Therefore the time should have come down with the umpteen years experience….

    If it was a rate challenge may hold more weight ….

  2. Costs Lawyers are Fellows of the Association of Costs Lawyers (FALCD).

    Otherwise known as the Fake Alias for Law Costs Draftsman!

  3. I agree. The time should have come down then. Beating his chest about being a member or fellow of this crowd. If ever there was a point that shot itself in the foot that was it! Made my day

  4. You should issue an Application to –

    1. Ensure every single item claimed in the Bill of Costs is held to strict proof in light of this lucid error
    2. Reduce the entire Bill by 10% to account for this inexcusable misconduct.
    3. Ensure your blog remains free of time invested of personal snipes.


    (My name isn’t petty)

  5. I would ask the drafter for proof of ACL membership (a photograph of them wearing the old ALCD tie will suffice) otherwise I would invite the Judge to strike the bill out!

  6. I read a transcript yesterday, from the SCCO, describing someone as a CLown, when in fact they weren’t Associated

    Whilst I agree that’s a terrible sleight to bear, it shows even the SCCO don’t really care for titles

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