Costs budgeting tip

The former chief whip Mr Mitchell is suing the Sun newspaper for reporting that he called police officers “plebs”. It has now been announced that Toby Rowland, the police officer at the centre of the row, is in turn to sue Mr Mitchell for libel, presumably on the basis that Mr Mitchell wrongly said the police officer lied as to whether he had used the word “pleb”.

Note to solicitors acting for Mr Rowland: try to remember to file your costs budget at least 7 days before the first CMC.

8 thoughts on “Costs budgeting tip

  1. scraping the barrel here Simon, especially when there’s so much worthwhile news to report on

  2. I have to agree, especially as no comment has been made to the rp friendly judgement in Forstater & Anor v Python (Monty) Pictures & Anor [2013] EWHC 3759 (Ch) …… !!!

  3. @ anonymous 12:05

    foolish comments like yours are always welcome to prove the small mindedness of many cost muppets

  4. Whereas criticising somebody else’s blog (anonymously) is sure sign of vast intellect

  5. I’m guessing Anonymous @ 4.56 pm must have his/her own blog given the bold arguments being advanced.

    Its either that or they dare not be critical the writer of the blog.

    Like it or not however, costs is extremely contentious and this blog, like it or not, is Defendant biased.

    Therefore I am sure the writer of the blog wants healthy criticism, actually expects and/or encourages it, for the reasons cited above!!!

  6. @ anonymous 4.56pm 06.12

    my intellect is not in question

    the blog subject is irreconcilable with any newsworthy story, whereas as MMM points out, there are ACTUAL stories worthy of coverage

    I am positive Simon welcomes and can live with the constructive criticism offered. You may now go back to your Box Seat with your colleague, Waldorf

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