Unfair charging method

I’ve just reduced a Claimant’s claim for costs of £147,776.24 to £75,000 and submitted my invoice for £153.40 plus VAT.

I should be charging on a % savings basis.

6 thoughts on “Unfair charging method

  1. An interesting posting from Simon and an excellent result.

    He obviously didn`t read what must have been a large client file.

    Was that wise?

  2. I would guess you are working on an hourly rate and have settled this well before Points of Dispute?

    Cases like this are fantastic for % of saving agreements but sometimes you do get the smaller ones that require extensive work and end up putting you at a loss! So maybe that’s a saving grace?

  3. Many years ago, pre Ahmed, we reduced a bill from £655,000 to £60,000 and we charged 15% of saving. Oh they were happy days!!!! Simon u really must increase your charge out rate! Now tell us about the ones you lost and cost your clients dearly!!

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