5 thoughts on “Costs Department pay cut

  1. The market for staff, certainly up north, has become over inflated; we see unqualified cost negotiators with 12 months experience asking for £30,000.00 and know of rivals who pay it.

  2. And to think many qualified barristers and solicitors don’t even get that much in salary / income.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how much contempt and ignorance most solicitors show towards costs.

    They probably have good costs people.4

    Well, if they are listening, it has never been so good in costs – get out and get a payrise – perhaps the firm can shut its costs department and send all their work to the redundant employees.

    I think the management would be surprised at the savings they would make!!!

  4. I can say for a fact that nobody at Shakespeares’ costs team has taken a 10k paycut. Bitter ex employees causing trouble.

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