Postage stamps

The officer supplier Viking’s website has reviews of various products including some for Royal Mail Postage 1st Class Stamps 100 Per Pack. Who writes online reviews for stamps? Still, I did like this one:

“Beautifully illustrated with the bust of an attractive lady, but tell me, who is she and how did she get to be on the stamps?”

9 thoughts on “Postage stamps

  1. @Anonymous

    Seriously? Can you not tell this post and the first comment are tongue-in-cheek? If you can’t understand humor I would suggest getting some help.

    You sir are the true saddo that needs to get a life.

  2. Love it, Costs Draftsmen/Costs Lawyers have a sense of humour! :) BUT who has the best sense of humour a Costs Draftman or a Costs Lawyer?? :p

  3. There is definitely no love lost on this site.

    Simon – the above comments are definitely off topic. I am therefore wondering why they have not been censored / deleted.

    I propose a charity on line boxing match.

    There are clearly some very frustrated and sad people in costs.

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