Old and new costs rules

I’ve updated Legal Costs Central so this now includes direct links to the post-1/4/13 CPR and Practice Directions and also includes access to the pre-1/4/13 rules, which will remain relevant for a number of years. These are the rules as they appeared immediately before 1/4/13.

8 thoughts on “Old and new costs rules

  1. I can see Gibbs on Costs hitting bookshelfs very soon, then i can use two other well known publications as door stops.

  2. does anyone know if the new rules are in pdf form anywhere (the old rules were). It will save me having to buy a white book, although I guess that makes me a costs draftsman as opposed to a proper costs lawyer………..

  3. @ anon 11:16 you’ll be getting trouble for that, CL need something to make them more supercilious

    And I have the New CPR in Word, but the PD in PDF, so partly yes

  4. @Anoymous – 2.40 PM

    funny enough the draft rules & pds seemed to come out in word and pdf, but not the actual rules. Have you got the new rules and pds or the drafts ?

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