Bunny boiler

The other day I found in my email inbox an email from a Svetlana. The subject line read: “Let’s talk more my bunny!”

The contents of the email were:


I have decided to write to you and I think that you will write to me. Please do not hesitate and write to me. I think that we shall find much in common and we can better and closer learn each other. I hope that I shall see your letter soon and mine of straight line E-mail: kamshitovibaa69@yandex.ru you can write to me here and I shall necessarily answer you and to send my photo.

I wait with impatience of your letter.


I was naturally very flattered but rather put off by the suggestion we would “find much in common”. If Svetlana really does spend all her spare time poring over the finer details of the costs rules and practice directions she sounds like a bit of a sad weirdo.  

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