New legal costs rules

The issuing of the new costs rules has clearly been shambolic, in part due to the artificial deadlines set, but Andrew Parker of DAC Beachcroft makes the fair point:

“Compare the position on these rules with the approach of the Chancellor when changes are announced in the budget – businesses and consumers are given just hours to react.”

2 thoughts on “New legal costs rules

  1. What a rubbish analogy.

    Running round a shop adding a few pennies to a tin of fruit or bottle of gin due to a vat / duty increase (and sneaking an extra penny increase at the same time) is nothing like slicing out 50% of your actual income.

  2. Perhaps Mr Parker is forgetting that a drop in Claimants running cases will eventually lead to a drop in his firm’s income. Fewer claims = fewer defendant solicitors. For all of their ‘let’s do away with the compensation culture’ defendant firms have done very well in the last 13 years facing CFAs and ATEs. 2014 will be the year of lay offs for both Claimant and Defendant firms.

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