ATE premiums – Single or staged?

At this year’s White Paper Legal Costs Conference, Keith Hayward, from Victory Legal Costs Solicitors, gave a very interesting talk on ATE premiums in low value RTA claims. This talk was accompanied by excellent accompanying notes. I cheekily asked Keith whether he would mind me reproducing the notes and not only was he kind enough to agree but he has gone one further and updated the notes to include a commentary on the Liverpool Test Cases.

This is essential reading for those involved in challenges to ATE premiums.

These have now been added to the Costs Law Articles Archive:

ATE premiums – single or staged

Recovering ATE premiums – case law

One thought on “ATE premiums – Single or staged?

  1. Very good notes, I’ve saved a copy for future reference.

    Unfortunately, they don’t really help when you have a costs monkey quoting the Liverpool Test Cases when you’ve identified BTE LEI and informed them of that. Nice little earner though…

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