Senior Courts Costs Office

The Senior Courts Costs Office has very helpfully provided me with a list of room numbers for Costs Judges and Costs Officers in the new Thomas More Building and these are as below:

6th Floor Thomas More Building

Mr Lambert – TM6.05
Mr Edwards – TM6.05a
Mr Baker – TM6.05a
Mr Piggott – TM6.06
Master Gordon-Saker – TM6.07
Master Leonard – TM6.09
Master Simons – Court 57

7th Floor Thomas More Building

Master Haworth – TM7.06
Chief Master Hurst – TM7.08
Master O’Hare – Court 58

8th Floor Thomas More Building

Master Campbell – Court 59
Mr Martin – TM8.06

This is particularly helpful for those Costs Judges who have the old court rooms as the court room numbers do not correspond with the floor numbers. Hopefully this will save some of you a few frantic minutes running round the corridors or up and down in the lift.

One thought on “Senior Courts Costs Office

  1. Thanks for this. We have already experienced the frantic running. Also allow time for a queue in bag search.

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