Temporary exemption for mesothelioma claims

In a surprise development the government is to exempt mesothelioma claims from the ending of recoverability of success fees and ATE premiums in April 2013. However, this is potentially only a temporary reprieve with Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly announcing:

“On careful reflection about the special position of mesothelioma sufferers, I can now give the House the assurance that we will not commence the relevant provisions in clause 43, on success fees, and clause 45, on after-the-event insurance, in respect of mesothelioma claims in April next year. Rather, we will implement the clauses in respect of those claims at a later date, once we are satisfied on the way forward for those who are unable to trace their employer’s insurer. The amendment commits the Lord Chancellor to carrying out a review of the likely effect of the clauses in relation to mesothelioma proceedings and to publish a report before those clauses are implemented.”

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