Retrospective success fees

Is it possible to recover retrospective success fees? Read my article on the subject in the Solicitors Journal.

5 thoughts on “Retrospective success fees

  1. Johal is completely distinguishable.

    Quite frankly it was appalling that they even tried IN MY OPINION given the private retainer that had been in place and the massive interims bills that had been levied

    Routinely get retrospective and in this day of fixed success fees then should also apply as a matter contract – if the contract is retrospective then the fixed SF applies to all work undertaken pursuant to it. Therefore the retrospective SF should be allowed as per Nizami v Butt

  2. Definitely agree. Retrospective success fees are recovered on a daily basis retainer permitting that is.

    So Mr Gibbs the simple answer my friend is “YES”

  3. Hello Simon

    I do not subscribe to Solicitors Journal. Your link takes me to an invitation to subscribe – not to any article.

  4. Timothy P,

    These articles are only available to view for a short period by non-subscribers.

    I do plan to upload these old articles here at some point.

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