Detailed assessment

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC writing in the New Law Journal:

“In short, what the elaborate structure of assessment comes down to, is not to keep costs down to a reasonable level, but to determine a market rate. In reality, it does not even do that. At best, it is an imperfect means of limiting dishonest claims.”

5 thoughts on “Detailed assessment

  1. So they’ve done away with the one way cost shifting, have they? Oops, i hadn’t noticed that.

  2. The second sentence is an unfair generalisation. I wonder if Sir Geoffrey’s involvement with the feeding frenzy which was the Bloody Sunday enquiry has tainted his opinion on costs.

  3. I don’t read it like that. It’s a bit like saying that there are a load of dishonest (which is a strong word) lawyers out there (OBVIOUSLY NOT US THOUGH – WE ARE A BEACON OF RESTRAINT AND TRANSPARENCY).

    Which of course they may well be. But dissing everyone else pretty much is a shabby self-aggrandisement

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