Legal aid bill ‘would reduce family clients by 75%’

Following on from the news about the planned extension of fixed fees across the fast-track is the survey for Resolution that found the planned cuts to legal aid will reduce family clients by 75%.

Although accurate figures are hard to come by, some statistics suggest that 20% of costs work is legal aid.

Whether they are glass half full or glass half empty kind of people, law costs draftsmen and costs lawyers are not in any danger of drowning in good news.

2 thoughts on “Legal aid bill ‘would reduce family clients by 75%’

  1. I am going to retire when the work runs out – simples. I stopped doing legal aid only work years ago.

  2. But you have a great position for a junior costs draftsman Simon with a great future and the acl is the way forward with you being a Council member hey?

    Given the bright future of the acl, surely works not going to run out……is it?

    What about those not in a position to retire, what should they do? I am looking for the big green arm of the acl to be put around the young costs draftsmens shoulders and give some good honest advice……..

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