3 thoughts on “The certainty of litigation

  1. How about this from David Pipkin in Litigation Funding issue 75?

    “The reality is that success fees have been successfully regulated and capped and only pose a significantly higher cost to defendants if they prevaricate and obstruct the course of justice”

  2. In other words, never defend, capitulate immediately and pay minimum costs. The Claimant`s solicitor is always right. Since when did defending a case (or even waiting for a decent medical report and prognosis) become “obstructing the course of justice”?

    The real “reality” is that Claimants` solicitors continue to only accept cases under a CFA which they know will succeed. Roll on LJ Jackson`s reforms.

  3. Interesting you should pick up on that quote from David Pipkin. I highlighted exactly the same quote for an article that is now with the Solicitors Journal printers for a forthcoming issue.

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