Asset & Wealth Management law expert

I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated for “the Asset & Wealth Management law expert position in England”. To be nominated for this prestigious position required recommendation either externally or by a special research team, and then approval by an applications panel.

If I accept this position, for a “nominal” fee of £500 I can then feature as recommended expert on a website that nobody will visit.

I can only begin to imagine how thorough the application panel must be for my name to have come through in this category.

4 thoughts on “Asset & Wealth Management law expert

  1. Simon
    happens in Australia as well – I have variously been nominate as an expert in wills and trusts (last did a will 25 years ago), trusts (ditto),, tax law (never). I now wait with bated breath for the next nomination.

  2. The ACL are only charging £450 subscription this year. Add on the cost of purchasing CPD points and time and money spent at the AGM or seminars say a total of £2,500.

    Hey, I can go to the Bahamas for £2,500 and actually enjoy myself.

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