The alternative to a referral fee ban?

Dominic Regan, the Association of Costs Lawyers’ new special adviser, in an article about to appear in the New Law Journal, will suggest that those opposing the introduction of a ban on referral fees are making a mistake. Some solution is required to excessive costs in RTA claims and the alternative might well be an increase in the small claim track to £5,000. In Dominic’s words: “No costs, no referral fees and, oh yes, no solicitors. Is that what they want? It is what they might get”.



One thought on “The alternative to a referral fee ban?

  1. Yes, that clearly is what “they” want. Below a certain level of damages, the front loading of case management which is required by the way the system is designed to work means that legal costs generally outweigh damages. They therefore become the logical target by any insurance business wanting to improve profitability. The interests of capitalism potentially conflict with the interests of justice.

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