RTA Claims Process uncertainty?

Litigation Funding recently reported on the Motor Accident Solicitors Society annual conference which had heard of problems concerning uncertainty surrounding the RTA claims process. These included whether bus passengers or multi-vehicle accidents are in the process.

It’s a while since I looked at the rules in any detail but what is there to suggest that such claims even might be excluded from the process?

2 thoughts on “RTA Claims Process uncertainty?

  1. both are within the process

    the uncertainty is being caused by the insurers, whom, as usual, dont like the fact there are consequences whicvh mean they pay out more, where they thought they had Claimants backed into a loss-making corner

    Funny though, the main Insurers, are the biggest referrers, so cutting their own throat appears a constant game for them

  2. Yes, strong campaign to end referal fees and yet they take money. They still make a profit and so do the claimant firms and so do the defendant firms. Its a big money merry-go-round. The money stays in cycle

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