End of the legal costs industry?

In an earlier post on the Young Report, I predicted that with implementation planned for April 2012, the full impact would start to be felt about six-months later. I can now be more precise. The legal costs industry will be killed off on 21 December 2012.

This is what the ancient Maya predicted (see link)

Now, the Maya’s prediction may be pure coincidence, but you should never underestimate the wisdom of the ancients…

2 thoughts on “End of the legal costs industry?

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  2. Typical Defendant’s costs draftsman quoting some ancient case, Re Maya [ALR 12BC], when everyone knows that this case has been superseded by the later Judgment, Re Nostradamus [ALR 1562] when it was ruled that the world of law cost drafting will be killed off on the 24th December 2011, 3 days or in Claimant’s time, 96 hours later.

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