Tech savvy law costs draftsmen

I recently received an email from a costs draftsman that had the following words at the bottom:

Sent from my iPhone

As you can imagine, I was suitably impressed.  My mobile phone is only one step up from a tin can and one end of a long piece of string.  Only with worse reception.

However, I’m now going to let you into a little secret.  You can change the email signature at the bottom of the emails you send from your ordinary computer to show exactly the same message. 

Nobody ever need know you don’t really own one. 



Sent from my iPad


3 thoughts on “Tech savvy law costs draftsmen

  1. I can’t believe it. I’m used to apple bashing in the real world and now have to be subjected to it on a costs blog. Us apple fanboys are going to have to look our for each other more.

    fanboy: “Yeah that super model is pretty hot, but my new MacBook Pro is assembled better”

  2. I heard a tip recently that you should put something like that at the foot of every email, even the ones you send from your desk. It provides a reasonable excuse for sending shortened messages full of spelling mistakes.

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