Lord Young’ Report

Lord Young’s report, Common Sense, Common Safety, was published on Friday.

The headlines, so far as legal costs are concerned, can be summarised as follows:

  • Lord Young believes Lord Justice Jackson’s proposals should be adopted as soon as possible.
  • The Government has fully supported Lord Young’s report.
  • Lord Young wants to extend the new RTA claims process to other personal injury claims to £25,000 and lower value clinical negligence cases with a goal for introduction of April 2012.

More details can be found in this Summary of Lord Young’s report courtesy of Ken Slade, Principal PSL, Weightmans LLP and Dominic Regan.

Further analysis available from Legal Futures.

6 thoughts on “Lord Young’ Report

    Young repeats Jackson.

    All Claimants are lying greedy people.

    No-one should bother with Health & Safety Law, because it causes claims rather than saving lives

    The RTA claims Portal is perfect & deals with all claims

    1)None of the above is true, and any realistic Insurers dealing with claims will agree that to be the case.

    2)There will be more peripheral litigation arising from the changes, than exists presently

    3)Cost Lawyers should prepare for another change of name, to :-
    Consultants Rationally Entertaining Technicalities In New Subjects

    I rather suspect many Costs Lawyers are already up to and adept at the new title already without further (1 day, expensive) courses

    I so look forward to the new business cards being handed out!

  2. Have to say although we all expected the Govt at the very least to impose fixed costs in the fast track, the rhetoric of Young seems to be pitched at the bloke in the pub and not those involved in the serious debate. It’s as if they were taking their cues from Richard Littlejohn.

  3. Thank goodness, the end of poor claimant lawyers, (who earn far too much), and cost muppets,(claimant Cost Lawyers). Guess you will have to retrain as taxi drivers then…

  4. Littlejohn??

    Is this another pop at Claimant Lawyers??

    Steal from the rich (Insurers) and give to the poor (Claimant Lawyers)??

    The analogy to highway robbers is, to be fair, probably accurate though

  5. @ Cost Muppet

    He collects dead people, guides them to the next world and all that jazz.


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