No win no fee spiritualists

The classified section of the freebie Metro newspaper usually has a section called “Spiritual”. A typical entry reads:

“International renowned spiritual healer, clairvoyant & adviser. I can give advice on family matters, loved ones, depression, courts cases, anti social behaviour, stress, exams, career, etc. One minute walk from Plaistow station.”

Actually, the one minute walk from Plaistow station part may not be typical.

This particular advert was headed “Pay After Positive Results”.

My interest was obviously caught by the “no win no fee” help with court cases.

This might suggest a spiritualist very confident in his abilities. Of course, if his clients’ court cases were determined solely by the toss of a coin he would be successful in 50% of cases. If he received a cut of any damages this could be a very lucrative little earner. Even if the success rate of his clients is less than 50%, those who win will presumably put success down to the “assistance” he has given (why else would you go to a spiritualist for help with a court case?) and happily pay his fees.

Now, if it is possible to influence the outcome of court cases through a spiritualist, and ignoring English witchcraft laws, what do the laws of champerty and maintenance have to say on the matter? This requires further investigation.

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