Jedhead v Horsehair wigs

A recent article in the Evening Standard (click link) newspaper reported on the spread of the “Jedhead”.  This is the sticky-uppy hairstyle sported by Jedward, the twins from the X Factor.  The article claimed the “style crosses boundaries of age, gender, sexuality and taste”.  I have no problem accepting the first three in the list but can’t accept the last.  All those sporting the Jedhead share the same taste: bad.

I have yet to see evidence that this hairstyle has infected the legal profession but a bottle of champagne to the first solicitor, barrister or costs draftsman who can produce a picture of themselves about to enter court displaying such a haircut. Horsehair wigs don’t count (unless heavily gelled and sticking up).

2 thoughts on “Jedhead v Horsehair wigs

  1. As a firm of solicitors, i can safely say that we won't be sporting the Jedhead hairdo anytime soon. However, i suspect we will soon see kids up and down the country with the Jedward hairdo, at which point i think we have cause for concern!

  2. I am not sure whether anyone in costs has that much hair left to be honest…

    Pete B
    Costs Draftsman

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