The law firms costing NHS millions

The Sunday Times followed on from last week’s attack on the costs paid out in clinical negligence cases (see previous blog) with a Top 10 list of the firms who were paid the most by the NHSLA in 2007/08:

Irwin Mitchell £10.75m

Leigh Day £4.87m

Pannone LLP £4.83m

McMillan Williams £3.01m

Kingsley Napley £2.96m

Gadsby Wicks £2.40m

Russell Cooke £1.86m

Challinors Lyon Clark £1.58m

Keeble Hawson £1.55m

Withy King £1.53m

Total: £35.34m

The list was presumably meant to be a Hall of Shame but one suspects that there will be a number of firms looking at the list and their one regret will be that that they were not higher up the list.

Click image to enlarge:

qc june 11 96

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